Leverage the advice of others who have been where you wish to go.

You don’t get any awards for doing life on expert mode. Some of us (myself included) like to experiment and learn themselves. Today I had to snap myself out of this mental trap. I don’t know what I don’t know and oftentimes a solution is relatively simple.

That’s where leveraging others comes into play. Leveraging others isn’t using others, let’s kill that noise first. We leverage others every day through books, media, and all sorts of devices and gadgets that don’t enrich our minds or our lives. Once more, nowadays money have monetized their knowledge for a fee. I paid tens of thousands for college, what’s an extra few hundred to learn a skill that I can use for life? Or on the contrary, what’s the extra few hundred to learn what I dislike about something worth to me? That time saved is priceless.

So I’m neck-deep in this course that was only a few hundred bucks. Even though I’m in real estate for my day job, I have a lot to learn when it comes to the acquisitions part of real estate. And that’s the part that makes you money in real estate. In some industries education isn’t a true substitute for experience. It’s up to you to think and decide whether or not this applies to your industry as well.

Day 1: Turning This Shit Around

Today’s agenda was to create a mailer list using Excel and Word. I’m going all-in on 2 different endeavors. First I have my VA firm, Genius Virtual Assistants and then I have my Land Acquisitions Co, Boardwalk Land Co. So far both are pushing up goose eggs but now I have marketing down. First I will send out mailers and sharpen my tool for land acquisitions (today I’m going over excel modeling and reading a book about land entitlements and codes). In the VA firm, I’m using Notion to change my VAs day to day prospecting around.

Simple changes but changes needed nonetheless. This is the part of entrepreneurship that sucks. The work part. At the end of the day, it’s not a game of intelligence but of sheer willpower and in some cases the insanity to keep going.

Here’s to insanity.

Q1 in review-Failure abounds

We all need someone or a way to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. Most of us strive to achieve great things throughout life. Whether it be professional, personal, or just hitting a new max in the gym, accountability is a vehicle to move forward to even bigger goals.

Last quarter I endeavored to make $50K in revenue by March 31st. I monumentally undershot that goal as I ended up with a big fat goose egg by quarter’s end.

But why did I fail? The fail isn’t the absolve me of faults, on the contrary, the why is so I can try a different method next time. My marketing dried up as I had to keep starting and stopping due to improper money management. What gets measured gets managed and in my head, I combined my personal and business expenses together. This was foolhardy as my business has made a dime in income yet.

So this quarter I began with a keen eye on my expenses and whenever possible, lower them. In addition, this will allow me to keep my marketing spigot open, and eventually, a deal will happen.

I got 1 deal under contract last quarter, which was a significant improvement from prior quarters. So I’m failing forward with each step. As long as you keep failing forward, eventually, those failures will turn into wins. Attrition is the ultimate adversary in entrepreneurship.

So Q1 was a failure but I learned a lot about myself as a founder/owner. I learned my strengths and my weaknesses and now that I know them I can begin to curb my worst impulses and pour gasoline on the things I am good at.

So anyone got a match? Let’s light Q2 on fire.