Day 1: Turning This Shit Around

Today’s agenda was to create a mailer list using Excel and Word. I’m going all-in on 2 different endeavors. First I have my VA firm, Genius Virtual Assistants and then I have my Land Acquisitions Co, Boardwalk Land Co. So far both are pushing up goose eggs but now I have marketing down. First I will send out mailers and sharpen my tool for land acquisitions (today I’m going over excel modeling and reading a book about land entitlements and codes). In the VA firm, I’m using Notion to change my VAs day to day prospecting around.

Simple changes but changes needed nonetheless. This is the part of entrepreneurship that sucks. The work part. At the end of the day, it’s not a game of intelligence but of sheer willpower and in some cases the insanity to keep going.

Here’s to insanity.

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